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    Nowadays the idea of catching, keeping and organizing personal data in one place (external brain) becomes extremely popular. The number of new and exciting start-ups based on that idea got funding recently. They achieved a great result in providing convenient way to store information in one place (in the web-cloud), even in text recognition but there is another side of the coin, how to retrieve that information. It is still old-fashioned full-text search when you just type what you are looking for and then got a hundred results most of them are not relevant.

    Furthermore, as the time passed you can even do not remember the exact word you are looking for. Let’s imagine the situation when you are looking for someone’s picture you have met a year ago. You don't remember the exact name! So, the full-text search doesn’t work. But you might remember some circumstances, for example the country where you met or the fact that it was in 2008 etc.

    CuteTag allows you to explore your personal information in a way your natural brain does, by logical links.

    Using CuteTag helps to instantly catch everything you need and then keep it in one place: Train Schedules, Subway Maps, ToDo List, Notes, Passwords, Contacts, Pictures, Voice notes. Once data have been caught they might be put in the right order with classification tags to prevent your knowledge from getting lost in the vast ocean of information.

    The full list of CuteTag capabilities includes:
    • saving your personal information as a record which might content text, pictures or voice record;
    • attaching some tags to every piece of information to ease the browsing afterwards;
    • full text search and browsing by tags;
    • “send an item to a friend” feature;
    • auto detection of phones and emails;
    • 256 encryption feature (temporary disabled);

    CuteTag is already available on the App Store in Productivity category.

    Let CuteTag be your favourite app for everyday use.
    09-28-2010 08:48 AM

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