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    Tyrant Studios introduces the ultimate action game for iPhone and iPod touch, Comet Fall!

    Crew from the UN Solar Expedition Ra-Horizon are marooned aboard an abandoned alien starship discovered orbiting the Sun.

    Man the controls and protect the alien ship from comets as it continues on it's mysterious voyage through space. Journey through the solar system, deep space and into distant realms beyond imagination!

    Comet Fall's addictive gameplay takes only moments to learn but is challenging to master. Smash comets in endless levels of shifting patterns and changing types.

    You control the difficulty of the game: increase the gravity level and boost your scores or lower it down for a slower pace ideal for casual or younger players. Encounter and activate alien Probes, each one a unique powerup that dramatically changes the gameplay.

    Comet Fall features complete OpenFeint support with Online Leaderboards, Achievements, Player-to-Player Challenge modes and more.

    Gameplay Trailer:

    Developer: Tyrant Studios
    Comet Fall
    Comet Fall for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    09-24-2010 12:28 PM
  2. sepiareclusive's Avatar
    reallly addicting, i like it
    09-28-2010 03:56 PM