1. matthew23's Avatar
    I started having problems with the hulu app on my ip4 tonight. It would play fine for about 30 seconds and the get real slow and the audio/video would get out of sync. It catches up for a sec but then starts acting up. Any ideas? I am jailbroken on 4.0.1. It's worked fine until now. I reset my phone and modem/router.

    09-22-2010 11:06 PM
  2. Slyfi's Avatar
    i have 3 suggestions

    check to see if there is an update

    sync with iTunes

    and lastly delete app then reinstall

    do them in that order to prevent potential screw up other wise just wait it out it might be on hulu's side
    09-22-2010 11:12 PM
  3. matthew23's Avatar
    Tried reinstalling. No luck.
    09-23-2010 06:34 AM
  4. matthew23's Avatar
    I still cannot figure this out. Its really weird. iPad works fine on same network. It just kind of goes into slow-mo after about 15-30 seconds and get choppy. Tried on a different network too. Worked fine until last night....
    09-23-2010 03:39 PM
  5. nanohits's Avatar
    Is Hulu Plus really worth it? I ditched it cause I can still download TV shows from newsgroups.
    09-25-2010 08:30 AM