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    Here is pre-release information and video link for a new upcoming dual stick shooter iPhone game that we will be launching in 1-2 months.

    App Name: Etolis: Arena
    Launch Date: 1-2 Months
    Company: Facet Studios LLC
    Company URL: FACET STUDIOS || User Interface Design and Development
    Game Promo Video:

    // Application Summary:
    Etolis: Arena is a rich story enhanced single player survival iPhone/iPod Touch game where you, as a skilled soldier, fight waves of a variety of enemies on five different maps with multiple weapons and grenades that you earn through killing enemies and gaining honor points from the Queen. It includes 3 waves in a round and endless rounds and increasingly difficult enemies. Etolis: Arena also includes 4 special abilities (invisibility, invincibility, self explosion, and endless ammo) from which you can choose when starting game and which give a different experience based you your choice.

    // Story Summary:
    The planet Etolis was hit with a surprise attack by an invading army known as the Kraven who are led under the command of their Queen, Natus. As part of an emergency force sent by the UFA (United Front Alliance) to restore peace, you found yourself overwhelmed an undermanned. In part of a last ditch effort you provided suicidal cover to allow the last of a few citizens to escape at a Spacecab location and were consequentially captured. While consigned to your imminent execution by your captors, you were approached by an Artificial Intelligence Droid known as the Mediator. As the Queen's right hand robot, the Mediator controls the Arena which you have been assigned to fight in because of its entertainment and training value for the Queen's forces. While none usually survive the first wave, you know the Mediator has miscalculated you.

    It is still a mystery as to why the Queen attacked Etolis, but initial reports indicated the Kraven demanded the surrender of a fugitive which had taken refuge on the planet. A large scale invasion seemed far fetched by the planetary council at the time so full defense preparations were not undertaken. Nevertheless, the invasion did occur and the planet quickly fell. While not circulated openly, inside information has indicated that scientists on Etolis had found something never seen before inside the planet which was blocked from surface scanning which seemed to be generating/consuming energy on an enormous scale never seen before. It is currently believed that this is the main reason for the Kraven invasion.

    // Feature Summary:
    - Battle for survival on 5 different maps
    - Use 7 different weapons and 3 grenade types to destroy your enemies
    - Battle against 11 different enemy types
    - Use 1 of 4 temporary special abilities for those emergency moments (invisibility, invincibility, self explosion, and endless ammo)
    - Unlock secret information about the invasion as you play in different locations
    - Leader boards and Achievements
    - Compelling Music
    09-22-2010 03:42 PM
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    any pricing details?
    09-22-2010 03:47 PM