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    CheckMeet is an iOS 4 scheduling app for iPhone/iPod touch that has only one function: it finds gaps in your schedule and lets you schedule meetings in them. It has a clean and simple interface for quick use, so that theres almost no learning curve.

    link: <http://www.checkmeet.ca>
    App Store link: checkMeet for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store

    In a world crowded with complicated graphical calendars and proprietary collaborative meeting schedulers, checkMeet is a breath of fresh air. Press a button, name your meeting, and thats it. It integrates with your existing Calendar schedule on your iPhone or iPod touch. In fact, aside from the meeting list itself, the interface is mostly identical to the Calendar app. No more squinting at tiny calendars or searching for gaps in a busy schedule: checkMeet finds the gaps for you.

    As you might expect for a simple app, there arent a lot of settings. You can set the length of meetings, preferred start times, and time required between meetings (if any). There are also settings for the start/end of your workday and which days of the week are workdays. CheckMeet can handle night hours, though its not suited to shift work. If you only want checkMeet to schedule on Monday afternoons, then set accordingly, and get a list of open Monday afternoon meeting slots. For a listing of open days, just select the Day option.

    As an iOS 4 app, checkMeet is multitasking aware and will auto-update when you change your calendar in another app. However, it cant update automatically on a set schedule. It also lists open days as text, which is a bit difficult for those used to graphical calendar displays. The lack of network access may be good for security (you know its not sharing your calendar details), but it makes checkMeet relatively useless for scheduling meetings with large groups. CheckMeet requires iOS 4, so it wont currently run on an iPad, but it would be less useful on a large screen anyway.

    In summary, checkMeet is a useful little app for iPhone/iPod users with busy schedules and limited time in which to schedule new meetings. Its a useful addition to the free Calendar app that neatly solves the problem of scheduling on a small screen.
    09-18-2010 10:46 PM