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    Place Alarm is an iPhone utility app that alarms you when you arrives or leaves a specified location.

    You can set up specific reminders, with individual sound alarms, when getting close to your favorite places.
    - Never forget to book a conference room when arriving to the office.
    - Dont leave your home without bringing the tickets to the game.
    - Dont miss your bus stop again.
    - Reminder to pass the dry cleaner on your way home.

    - Simple and very easy to use.
    - Runs in the background.
    - Different power savings modes.
    - Choose different sounds for each alarm.
    - Unlimited number of alarms.
    - Trigger alarm when you arrive or leave a place.
    - Full Google Map integration.
    - Search for any address or place on map.
    - Use either map, satellite or hybrid map mode.
    - Zoom in or out on the map to set location radius.
    - Dont require internet connection (except when setting the alarm location on the map).

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    09-14-2010 02:12 PM

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