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    Here is a list of apps that have been updated with Game Centre on them. I have started the list and taken it from another site but this should get us started. Once you find new apps copy the list and paste it below in the reply and and your game and if it has any achievements or not(if you want). Lets try to keep this clean so people can see the list clearly. So please no discussions. Im making this list to help people find apps with game centre on them. Thanks

    Ace Tennis 2010 Online
    Adrenaline Golf Online
    Bomber Online
    Cannon Challenge 2
    Cocoto Kart Online
    Cocoto Magic Circus
    Cro-Mag Rally
    DinoSmash Online
    Doodle Squares HD
    Enigmo [8 Achievements]
    Enigmo 2
    Farmville by Zynga [30 Achievements]
    Field Fencer [10 Achievements]
    Field Runners [65 Achievements]
    Flight Control [12 Achievements]
    GraalOnline Classic
    GraalOnline Classic+
    Isaac Newton’s Gravity
    Megaplex Madness - Now Playing
    Ms. Pac-Man [25 Achievements]
    Nanosaur 2
    Pac-Man [25 Achievements]
    Real Racing
    Scramble: Challenge Edition by Zynga [46 Achievements]
    Touchgrind [13 Achievements]
    World Series of Poker Hold'em Legend° [28 Achievements]
    WordsWorth [20 Achievements]
    Worldy Wings [30 Achievements]
    Icarus-X [30 Achievements]
    Zen Bound 2 Universal [11 Achievements]
    Keep The Ball

    Ps: Monster Dash and Fruit Ninja fans Halfbrick games have announced there releasing an update for game centre into there games.
    09-09-2010 11:48 AM