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    I have made it's price change for free.

    VERSION2.0 is submitted.

    Get it right now before version 2.0 is out!
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    iTunes App Store 的 iPhone,iPod touch和 iPadAnimated Emotions+Emoji Creator(PRO)

    What's new features for version 2.0?
    1. Add built-in web browse to search GIF emotions, then
    you can copy them to yourself defined emotion category.
    So you can add as many emotions as you can by yourself.

    2. with some popular animoticons, animated emtions web site addresses at bookmark page.

    3. You can search animated gif emotions very easily by built-in search button from google images search engine.

    4. Now, app dont need to update animated emtions every time anymore when launching application. it only update one time.


    Animated Emotions+Emoji Creator(PRO) for MMS Text Message, Email!!!
    Buy this Aminated Emotions&Emoji Creator for MMS TEXT MESSAGE,EMAIL! , You don't need any more!

    You can add GIF animated emotions as many as you can by yourself through copying GIF animated emotion to this app.

    You can define your own emotions(Category,Name) by copy built-in animated emotions, and other animated emotion applications with GIF format.
           
           
           
           
           
           
    Spice up your boring MMS Text & Email messages with the all kinds of animated smileys,fun, humorous, Animations - About 2000 total !, and Emoji icons!

    Your amazing MMS Text Message, Email will bright your friends, family members,colleagues day!

    It's looks so cool, An animated emotion is worth 9,999 words!

    You can easy to use, quickly access, search, add to favorite all animated emotions offline.

    Our app not only can auto enable emoji keyboard when you launch it firstly, but also you can use "Emojis Creator" to combine more fun emojis.


    - Can define your own emotions(Category,Name) by copy built-in animated emotion, and other animated emotion applications with GIF format.
    - About 2000 animated emotions
    - Plentiful emotions kinds(15).
    - Auto enable Emoji Keyboard(iOS3.X, iOS4.X)
    - Emojis creator(for combining fun emojis)
    - Great UI,category,favorite,navigation manage
    - Great animated emotions list view
    - Great Live Preview animation
    - Auto copy emotion when you preview it
    - Search all animations
    - Built-in Mailer for quickly sharing your emotions

    - Smileys
    - Battle
    - Baby
    - Stick
    - Love
    - Sad
    - Animals
    - Words
    - Kaoani
    - Sports
    - Music
    - Food
    - Classic
    - Holidays
    - Other

    # This app doesn't provide MMS service. So you should have MMS service enabled for your device firstly, Then you can send, receive MMS messages with Animated Emotions!

    #If you have set MMS content size to a limited value. when you paste animated emotion make sure your MMS message content as small as possible, because some animated emotion size is bigger enough that cant sent
    through one MMS text message! so if you cant paste an animated emotion, you can adjust the MMS message
    content size limited at "setting" on iPhone desktop!

    Emojis icons only can displayed on iPhone,iPod,iPad, don't work fine with other devices.
    version1.0 screenshots:

    version2.0 preview screenshots:

    09-09-2010 02:56 AM