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    Come on!Now price is .99!

    Get it here:
    iGBook - Free Books for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    This is a free library at the same time,it also belongs to your private library.

    You can use it to find any one which you want read,whether you anywhere.

    --★ Features: ★--
    ★ Support simple search and advanced search.
    ★ Support multiple keywords search.
    ★ Tens of millions of books for users to search for browsing.
    ★ Browse the content of books online.
    ★ For more information about the book(Author, ISBN, etc.)
    ★ Establish yourself library,unlimited collection of various books.
    ★ Browsing online, support for double-click zoom feature, convenient for users to browse.
    ★ User can collect any book which you like

    This is a very powerful program that provides a highly efficient search capabilities, fast online browsing,rich book information.This is a treasure house of knowledge and entertainment,you will be able to find any information which you need.

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