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    GRE and GMAT Vocabulary is a comprehensive list of all GRE and GMAT words required by the ETS. It allows you to remember these words everywhere. Included are more than 3500 GRE words and 3000 GMAT words. Each world has explanation in details and we also offer a Google Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary API which can help you to understand this word. For GRE words, synonym and antonym are supplied. And quiz is supplied to help you enhance your memory. Words are sorted by Name, and are fully searchable for quick reference.

The included Flashcard feature is a great way to test your knowledge and improve knowledge retention.


    1 More than 3500 GRE words and 3000 GMAT words
    2 You can add difficult words in your flashcard database that will help you to review them easily.
    3 Google Dictionary and Merriam-Webster Dictionary are supplied for your online search.
    4 Flash card to help you remember each word easily and quickly.

    It should be the best and amazing GRE and GMAT app in this store.

    link:GRE and GMAT Vocabulary for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store
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