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    myPill is a useful tool that helps women who use birth control pills to remember to take a pill, predicting future periods, track history and more.

    With myPill, after initial setup of the current pack first pill date, through realistic graphics, it provides an indication of the pills already taken, the ones that left in the pack and the missed ones — if any. Using a finger swipe gesture, it is possible to look further into future packs and easily see the dates of future periods, up to six months ahead. If more convenient, myPill also provides monthly calendar view, with the same pill indications.

    If configured, myPill will alert to take a pill every day at a chosen hour until the pack ends. After the seven days of break, once a new pack starts, it'll automatically continue to remind taking pills. myPill's application's icon badge indicates how many pills are left at the pack — or alternatively how many days left until the period start. Users are able to customize the message of alerts, protect data with chosen password and more.

    Another interesting feature is the History tab. The user may write self-notes per day, then view the history of packs start date, missed pills and self-notes. This may be useful when having an appointment with the gynecologist; you have a log of past events available at the palm of your hands.

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    09-04-2010 01:33 PM