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    "Let there be a Clash, let there be a Championship; Fight for Rewards"

    After having huge success and been #1 game many times on CatchApp, TouchBall - a jiggling sensation is back with a worldwide Championship starting this 5th September. If you dont know TouchBall - a jiggling sensation, it is the first ever game of its type launched recently for iPhone/iPod Touch and is available at iPhone App Store.
    Worldwide Championship allows TouchBall players from any corner of the world to participate in the contest and provide them a chance to win $$ cash prizes $$ and free game coupons. Even new players can fight for their fame and claim the prizes.
    Also the winner of the contests will be featured on TouchBalls official website and be declared TouchBall expert apart from a top spot in the Hall of the Fame.
    This will be a 3 months Nonstop Championship; 13 weeks of Fun, Fame and Rewards; 3 grand weeks and one fun filled Platinum week; with more than 36 cash prizes and lucky prize winners.
    Hurry Up and Register!!

    Championship starts this 5th September.

    For more information, please visit: touchballgame dot com
    09-04-2010 10:48 AM