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    Now you can share your Iphone!

    Just invite your friends over and have lots of Fun!!

    4Fun is the new social app with four of the most popular games ever (Taboo, Mime movies, Taboom and Association). Bringing board games to a whole new level using inovative design, animations and game-play.


    - 5 Languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian and German)
    - Resume and Back options
    - Sounds and animations
    - Instructions (ENG, ESP, FRA, ITA and GER)
    - Shake feature
    -and many more...

    -- TABOO -
    Taboo is a game where one player must get his team members to guess a word on top of a card without using the five remaining words listed below. The playing team pawn moves on the board for every correct answer but the pawn of the opposing team also moves if "taboo" words are spoken. The number of players equallys the amount of fun .

    - 5.297 unique english cards
    - 3.655 unique french cards
    - 3.900 unique german cards
    - 3.900 unique spanish cards
    - 4.221 unique italian cards

    -- MIME MOVIES -
    Try to get your team to guess the movie by pantomime.
    Choose a movie, after a few seconds off getting ready one player from the opposing team starts the time, if your teammates guess the movie in the allotted time your team gets a point. First team that reaches the score limit wins!! Have fun!!

    - 1.000 famous movie titles

    -- TABOOM -
    Taboom is very similar as Taboo but with a twist. Object if the game is to pass te iphone by getting anyone on your team to guess the ˝Taboo˝ word without saying it yourself.
    Here you have only one ˝Taboo˝ word which you can not say but must describe to your teammates. After a period of time the bomb will explode (every new turn time is never the same) . Team player currently holding iPhone loses the round and the other team gets a point.
    The team that reaches the score limit first wins!!

    - 7.338 english words
    - 4.640 french words
    - 5.270 german words
    - 5.280 spanish words
    - 5.646 italian words

    Game objective : To guess the famous person that your teammate has. Each players gets own famous person and tries to think the easiest way how to describe it using just ONE word. First team player says the ONE word association to his teammate and he tries to guess the famous person. If he guesses wrong, next team is on the turn, and so on untill someone gets it right.

    -1.000+ famous people in the world!

    Dont drink too much

    Check it out on iTunes:
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    I have some Promo Codes left so if enyone wants it just send as "Just4Fun" at fourfunapp@gmail.com
    09-03-2010 09:09 PM