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    Texting while driving isnít safe. Neither is sending sensitive information on your I phone. With Datacrypt for only $3.99 you can feel safe knowing that only your intended receiver can read your text or e-mail message and the receiver app is free!

    Datacrypt has been designed to keep your information secure using just a couple of hot buttons. If you need to send confidential information like your bank or social security number or if you just want to send a text that only your significant other can read, youíll feel secure knowing that no one but your intended receiver can read it.

    Also, when you use Datacrypt, if your phone gets lost or stolen, all text and e-mail messages sent using this easy to use app will be safe. One out of three cell phones will be lost or stolen this year. If one of them is yours donít give your personal messages to whoever finds it. Isnít keeping your text and e-mails secure worth the price of a cup of coffee? Use Datacrypt and keep your messages safe.
    09-02-2010 01:42 PM