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    Camera Prime is the only camera app you'll ever need! And to celebrate its release, we're giving it away for FREE! Here's the iTunes description:

    **Huge thanks to Hakeem Derres (alias itouchking) for the amazing icon! Check out his website at http://itouchking.66ghz.com/ **

    ***To celebrate the release of Camera Prime, we are giving it away for FREE! Hurry as this wont last forever!***

    Introducing Camera Prime, THE all-in-one camera app! Camera Prime will help you take the best possible photos by offering you its many useful features! These features include:

    BACKGROUND SAVING (iPhone 3GS/4 only): Now, you can save all your photos in the background while you use your iPhone for other things, such as playing a game. No longer will you have to stay in the app until your photos have been saved!

    ANTISHAKE: Wait until your iPhone is still, so you no longer have to worry about pictures coming out blurry!

    SOUND CAPTURE: Takes a picture when a loud sound, such as someone clapping their hands, is heard!

    TIMER: Set a timer for 1 to 60 seconds, so you have enough time to take a great group picture, with you in it!

    THREE WAYS TO USE CAPTURED PHOTOS: After you take a photo, you can do one of three things: Add it to the Prime Review, a collection of your last 10 photos taken; review every photo, so you can easily decide which to save and which not to; and automatically save each one to the Camera Roll, just like the built in Camera app!

    VIDEO RECORDING (iPhone 3GS/4 only): If you want to record a video, no problem! Just flip the switch in the bottom right corner to switch from still capture to video capture, and back again!

    FLASH (iPhone 4 only): Turn the flash on, off, or let the iPhone decide whether its dark enough to use the flash!

    FRONT-FACING CAMERA (iPhone 4 only): Self portraits have never been easier! Just switch from the back camera to the front camera, and see your smiling face!

    COMPLETE CAMERA ROLL INTEGRATION: Tap the icon in the bottom right corner to open the Camera Roll. There, you can view your pictures, pinch-to-zoom, rotate, share them via email or MMS, copy them, or watch any of your videos!

    FULLSCREEN BUTTON: Just tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. No more looking for that tiny camera button! Plus, it has a second function! If you are using antishake, sound capture, or timer, and realize you just want to take the photo already, tap anywhere on the camera preview to instantly take the picture!

    VIBRATE: Let the iPhone vibrate when the photo has been captured!

    BURST MODE: Take three photos right after one another, so you don't have to worry about missing those quick moments!

    ZOOM: Just like the default Camera app, zoom in up to 5x, and get the highest possible quality!

    TOUCH-TO-FOCUS (iPhone 3GS/4 only): Touch and hold to adjust the focus and exposure to wherever you want!
    So, if you feel like trying it out, just download it! And, if you'd like to support us, simply go to the settings in Camera Prime and tap the "Support Developer" button at the very bottom. An iAd will appear, and all you have to do is tap on it once. (NOTE: The button will not appear if an iAd is not loaded)

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    Thank you! I'm looking forward to using this.
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