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    This is a fun and amazing game to teach kids alphabet, spelling, type faster or avoid fat fingering by using iPhone touch keyboard. It also could allow users to focus on what they are typing rather than typing itself and increase their accuracy, speed and mental abilities. Therefore, we launch a new iPhone game Train Typist Lite for users to play and learn.

    Play Method:

    Game will show 3 different types of trains, player could follow the follow the train loading vocabulary and correctly input by using iPhone keyboard.


    -3 different types of trains (traditional red color steam train, electric blue color train, engineering yellow color train)

    -have 3 levels of degree of difficulty and degree of typing speed for user to player

    -randomly show the different combination of vocabulary, words or phrases for user to testing their speed

    -Statistics report for player to review (eg play time records, maximum input perfect records, maximum score records, typing speed, user response records, frequently repeated typing error record and bonus records)

    Please try it! It is FREE!!!

    You can buy the full version here if you like it. Train Typist is US$0.99 only
    It have one addition train track and have 5 more different play levels in "Train Typist" full version
    08-31-2010 04:13 AM

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