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    Hi everybody, thank you for beeing here and making blogging such a way. I'd like to put a newly released iPad app at your attention. It's called FunTable.

    FunTable is a suite of seven classical board games, that will keep you nailed at your iPad for a long time.

    Checkers, Sudoku, Connect 4, Memory, Tower of Hanoi, Lights Out, TicTacToe, are the magnificent seven among which you'll always find a challenge to face.

    You can play Checkers, Connect 4 and TicTacToe both against AI - choosing among various difficulty levels - and against a human opponent, for an even more exciting challenge.

    Graphics have a classical flavour, so you can focus on game mechanics. You'll never annoy yourself with questionable special effects that wouldn't concern tactics of your challenge.

    You can always change your side at any moment in the game, switching from white to black in Checkers, from the red side of the challenge to the blu one in Connect 4, from X to O in TicTacToe, to get fun facing your own attack moves too.

    A serious weighted scoring system is implemented. It evaluates both the moves you've done, with eventual mistakes, and the speed of your moves. So you are presented with a score that's a real incentive to improve your skills or that can be the reference point for a challenge between players, e.g. you and one of your friends.

    You can go HERE to see FunTable in App Store.

    You can see FunTable site HERE.
    08-29-2010 09:51 AM