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    I purchased an app called Inkblot Personality Test HD because I saw it at the top of the entertainment category. Overall, I really liked it, and here are my pros and cons...

    -Good images of the original test. I've taken a similar test online, and the HD really makes a difference.
    -Accurate analysis. I thought the the written analysis was pretty darn close. There were a few minor differences, but hey, still beats the $150 for a shrink.
    -Funny analysis. Although the analysis was accurate, I also thought it was pretty funny. To me, this was the most important feature.

    -Limited reusability. I understand that the app only features the original ink blots. These are great, but I could see having a couple more exams included. The description says more are to come in a free update, so its still probably worth it get it now before a price increase.

    Overall, I felt it was a good application, and well worth the buck. There could be some updates, but even now it deserves its spot as a top app. Here's the link:


    P.S. I am looking to do more app reviews, so let me know what you think of the app, but also what you think of my review. Thanks!
    08-20-2010 09:53 PM

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