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    AppLink : itunes.apple.com/us/app/poipoi-in-maze/id385472457?mt=8
    Video clip : youtube.com/watch?v=hsas844DTW4

    - Poi-Poi in Maze -

    Poi-Poi in Treestump village!! XD
    One day, little Poi-Poi friends are disappeared. What is happening with them?
    They have been captured and locked up in a maze by Evil Bark.
    Lets go to the maze to find them~!!!

    The variety of stages (total 42 stages)
    Three different play modes
    Time limit
    Cute and lovely characters
    Auto-save support
    Openfeint world-ranking support
    Easy and simple operation
    Various facilitative items for game

    [Play Modes]
    Maze Mode
    The mode only for escaping out of a maze! Seize a poi-leaf, and you will win the game~!
    Poi-Poi Mode
    The mode for finding Poi-Poi locked up in a maze! After rescuing all Poi-Poi, escape out of the maze via a poi-leaf.
    Bark Mode
    Bark, the owner of a maze! You have to rescue Poi-Poi avoiding Bark! Violent Bark will not let invaders go by. Lets get out of the maze by finding a poi-leaf with the friends before he notices.
    Time Limit System
    You can enjoy all the stages with time limit. You will receive higher mark if you clear your mission using the time limit mode.

    [Game Items]
    Trap : It puts Bark into a bubble not to move around.
    Petal : It makes your character Invincible for a while.
    Shoes : It raises your characters speed for a while.

    Character movement : Click Poi-Poi on the lower right-hand corner of the screen for steering.
    Battle with Bark : Shake your device for victory.


    Poi-Poi : Little friends who live in tree stump.
    Bark : A stubborn villain in the maze. He has a bit low stamina because he has been in the maze for long long time. So, he may fell asleep during the chase.

    Game Modes
    Stage menu
    The size of the maze
    The number of Poi-Poi
    The number of enemy, Bark
    Game Modes
    Maze Mode : This mode aims to get out of the maze moving toward a poi-leaf
    Poi-Poi Mode : Rescue-mode which aims to rescue Poi-Poi friends and escape from the maze together.
    Bark Mode : Escape-mode which aims to get out of the maze with Poi-Poi friends avoiding Bark.
    Time limit
    Infinite Mode : You can enjoy the game without time limitation.
    Time Limit Mode : You should complete your mission in a given time limit.
    Game Items
    Trap : It puts Bark into a bubble not to move around. Stand on a trap and wait until Bark is entrapped.
    Petal : It makes Poi-Poi invisible for Bark not to find.
    Shoes : It raises Poi-Pois speed for 10 seconds.

    Escaping toward poi-leaf after rescuing all Poi-Poi
    Remaining Time
    Sound Off/On
    Navigation marking the nearest three Poi-Pois and three Barks
    Information of the stage and score
    Poi-Poi Controller
    Poi-Poi Health Point

    Battle Interface
    The gage bar of Poi-Poi and Bark
    Poi-Pois gage increases as you shake the device.
    If the gage bar is full up, the battle will be over.
    If you win the battle, Bark will fall asleep. If you lose, in reverse, your HP will decrease.
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