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    New Tarot application, Freak Tarot is released.
    And this is daily event.

    Freak Tarot is a Tarot card reading application with the Otaku theme Tarot card. Freak Tarot is composed of 78 original cards. Each card embodies daily life and desires of Otaku and Doujin.
    - Meaning of Tarot card is reinterpreted from a perspective of Otaku.
    - Proper meaning of Tarot card is interpreted simplify and intelligibly.
    Freak Tarot provides various kinds of spread.
    - Including Celtic draw and Sacred Quest, 22 spreads are included.
    - You can select the optimal spread which is suited to your question.
    With Freak Tarot, Anyone can read the Tarot card easily
    - Tarot reading procedure is reproduced perfectly in this application.
    - After select the spread and enter the question, you can get the answer at once.
    - User interface and operating through Touch & slide are intuitive and simple.
    Tarot reading history can be saved and shared by posting on Facebook.
    - You can read your Tarot reading history again as it is.
    - You can upload the clue Tarot card on your Facebook.

    You need to do only 2 THING to be eligible:

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    2. twit this message on your twitter account:

    @studio20khz New Tarot application, Freak Tarot is released.

    Then I'll select winner at random and send Promo code for Freak Tarot via Direct Message.
    08-19-2010 12:52 PM