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    * Football goalie game
    * Full iPhone 4 Retina resolution
    * Innovative gameplay
    * Retro graphics
    * 17 Rounds
    * Loads of silly animations
    * Autosave

    Score points by being cool.

    Play some ball in the alley with a friend and some beers. You're the goalie. Block the shots, but be as cool as you can in between. You could even attempt playing a little air guitar or take a sip of beer. Maybe a silly dance.

    At the end of each round you'll get your verdict by the coolness-meter, that will decide if you're cool enough to move on or if you're gonna have to try again.


    Touch the bar at the bottom to get into blocking position. Move it to the left or right to move the player.

    IMPORTANT: When you touch the bar, the score will stop counting. It is when you let it go that you get to be cool, score points and do random silly stuff. You will get to the next round depending on how cool you've been.

    Sometimes the player will do a bonus move, like an air guitar solo, throw up, et cetera. If you act out the whole bonus move without letting a ball in, or touching the bar, you will get bonus points.

    There are 17 rounds, and a little bonus round at the end of the game.

    To see your highscore, enter the options menu.
    08-19-2010 05:38 AM