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    School starts today for many youngsters, and so we are doing a BACK TO SCHOOL SALE for our app - Balloon Pop Challenge - The Math Learning Game! The game is universally available for iPad and iPhone, and for a limited time is priced at $0.99!

    Buy the game from the iTunes store here:
    Balloon Pop Challenge – The Math Learning Game! for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Balloon Pop Challenge is a highly addictive educational math game for kids and young adults. Players see balloons of different colors, shapes, and speeds float upward in beautifully crafted settings. Players try to pop the balloons that solve the challenges before the balloons float away. Also, we just released an update that includes 6 new time challenges. These new playing modes are challenging for any age. A truly great experience to sharpen your mental math!

    Video of the game in action:

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    Kevin Weiler

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