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    ClickStudio is a new established group, professional and creative. We focus on Iphone and Gphone application development,not only working in the field of enterprise application on Mobile Internet, but also producing our own product. Right now, we are working on several apps & games at the same time, and our very first game, Jimi adventure, was just released in Oct. 2010.

    About Jimi Adventure:
    Wanna have a deep sea adventure with Jimi ? here we go! It is a nice jump game. By subtly tilting your game device, you can lead Jimi's adventure journey.

    Here are some game features:
    - The higher Jimi reaches, the more score you get.
    - During the journey, to make Jimi bigger and stronger, you need to pick up those little hairy balls which also boost Jimi's spring power up.
    - Be aware of sea urchins, they hurt.
    - Collect Pearls and shells which earn you more score.

    Now, go get it with only $0.99! Download now

    Wants more? Here is our website: Click Studio

    Please help us to improve our product. We are looking forward to any questions and suggestions from you!
    And business Cooperation is welcomed.
    You can reach us at ai.clickstudio@gmail.com

    Thanks for your attention!
    08-18-2010 12:32 AM