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    StockTrader Premium...

    Best finance app for active stock traders.

    Check it out!
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    I feel like a little more info or a link or pictures or something would help a little more.

    What features do you have that other stock apps don't? or why is yours better?
    08-20-2010 03:55 AM
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    Wanna trade stocks and don't know how or just want help?
    StockTrader is an online service which gives you insight in stock picks throughout the stock market session. It is fast and minimalistically designed to satisfy sophisticated trader's needs.

    Experienced trader makes all decisions using technical analysis for swing trades as well as day trades.
    StockTrader's goal is to help you learn how to find big movers before they actually move. Learn and become independent pro trader.

    With StockTrader Premium you will get stock picks in real-time. Even if you don't run application you can be alerted via push notifications.
    We recommend long and short positions which we think that have a short term potential. We also post stop loss targets for trades we recommend.
    With StockTrader Premium you are able to follow StockTrader's picks and learn how to find evolving bullish patterns.

    Many times you will find our picks on daily top gainer list! Firstly, Stock was picked a day or two before it made big move. Secondly, Stock is making big move and we joined.

    *** FEATURES IN StockTrader PREMIUM ***

    + Latest Picks:
    you can see most recent stock picks and check history...

    + History Chart:
    in chart you can easily see our performance...

    + Filter View:
    you can order signals by order type or view only active picks, and more...

    + Trader to Trader:
    you get latest news or trader's view regarding market conditions via T2T...

    + Calendar:
    check our activity on a particular day, you get all signals made on date you select...

    + Push Notifications:
    get new signals via push notifications, badge will always show number of active signals...

    + Real-time signals:
    you get all signals including stop loss targets when we recommend them...


    + Stock ticker and company name
    + Trade opening signals: BUY, SHORT SELL
    + Trade opening price
    + Price at which STOP LOSS is set
    + Trade closing signals: SELL, COVER SHORT
    + Trade closing price
    + Signal time
    IMPORTANT: upon first launching StockTrader PREMIUM application, "ALLOW" PUSH NOTIFICATIONS


    + Trading stocks and ETFs listed on US stock exchanges: NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX.
    + Usually recommend long positions but will always search for good short opportunity.
    + We trade actively. Most of our trades are swing trades, some are pure day trades.
    + We use technical analisys to find breakouts where biggest gains are made.
    + Consider macrotrends.
    + We are trying to maximize profits and minimize losses.
    + Always use 10% stop loss below buy price and 10% above short sell price.
    + When position is positive we will use trailing stop loss.
    + Always stay diversified, there are many opportunities.

    Download it now and the advantage is yours.
    Don't believe our words, check our trading history.
    This app will not just feed you, it will furthermore teach you how to catch a fish in stockmarkets pond.
    IMPORTANT: upon first launching StockTrader PREMIUM application, "ALLOW" PUSH NOTIFICATIONS

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    Woah. For $95, I need some real tangible evidence of your success before I buy the app.
    08-24-2010 08:24 AM
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    Understandable. That's why we made StockTrader Lite. You can download it for free. Follow our closed recommended trades and if you'll find our strategy useful, you can upgrade to StockTrader Premium.
    09-10-2010 04:57 AM