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    Here we recommend you a Puzzle Game-CrazyCoin
    1.Crazy Coin is a very interesting game, suitable for children between 5 to 12. It attracts the children with its beautiful screen, lively music,exaggerated sound effect and rich interaction.The screen is mainly composed of green and blue, very soft and won't hurt the eyes.
    2.There are total 5 levels,the difficulty is getting higher with the level number.In the game, there is a gold coin fall from the sky,and the player should use various can to receive the coins.There are stones(reduce the marks),diamonds(upgrade the can),birds(eat the coins) .
    3.we should speculate the direction of the can and through touch to upgrade the coins,destroy the stones,beat the birds(not violent, but very cute).

    08-17-2010 01:23 AM