1. double3's Avatar
    East Region, please. Atlanta to NYC!
    08-17-2010 07:09 PM
  2. ting#IM's Avatar
    West Region, and be able to travel between WA, OR and CA using this app on my iPhone4!
    08-17-2010 07:13 PM
  3. rpgmind's Avatar
    East Region, please!!! I'd like that very much, please, so I can go to Disney World from Miami!!! My last nav-app sent me to Busch Gardens, Tampa, and I was none too pleased! I mean, I didnt mind it so much; a rides a ride, afterall, but the wife? Not so much. True occurance!
    08-17-2010 07:20 PM
  4. danredwing's Avatar
    I'd love the western Region version as we're all over the place this fall visiting all the extended family. Thanksgiving in AZ, Christmas in San Diego, New years in LA, and even some hanging closer to home here in OR.

    I am not so great with directions when in the car with 3 screaming kids and a frustrated wife...help me TIPB!
    08-17-2010 07:21 PM
  5. Florky's Avatar
    I would use my navigon to go to the most magical place on earth!!!!! Disney World!!!
    08-17-2010 07:29 PM
  6. pnut78's Avatar
    I would love the Navigon East to help get around the crazy roads of Florida and also be able to take my family on a coastal road trip so my kid can see the Coke museum, South of the Border, the Capitol, New York, etc
    08-17-2010 07:43 PM
  7. Beargi's Avatar
    Central Map please so that I can find my way home.
    08-17-2010 07:49 PM
  8. Kidd2446's Avatar
    i would like the eastern region please,im in nyc and its like a mouse maze trying to get around.
    08-17-2010 07:53 PM
  9. sgold2061's Avatar
    East Cost for me - I want to use it to go on a roadtrip and find the best bbq and dines on the east coast. A dream trip that would be greatly rewarding and filling.

    08-17-2010 07:54 PM
  10. Dealwagon's Avatar
    I would love to have the east region. I already own the central and use it all the time. I would use the east region to find the tiny local hospital that my son was born at back in Jersey.
    08-17-2010 08:06 PM
  11. Prodigal's Avatar
    I would definitely go with the app for US West, the screenshots make it look like it will give an idea of the actual turns that need to be made, which is where I tend to make the most driving mistakes.

    Wonder what would happen if I asked it to map me a route to Hawaii?
    08-17-2010 08:14 PM
  12. rockyroad55#IM's Avatar
    East Region for me!!!

    Makes my trip back to college in Boston easier rather than using the little blue dot and the list function in the maps app.
    08-17-2010 08:16 PM
  13. GMTZII's Avatar
    i like my region west coast i live in california and 3 months ago somebody broke my window and stole my gps i dont have any gps apps on my iphone the reason i like to win one is because my son is in travel team soccer so we travel on weekends to another citys to play with other teams some places 2 o 3 hrs away from my home why i travel so far because he will have a chance to play for a real team someday i hope soccer season start this coming week so this will be great thanks
    08-17-2010 08:20 PM
  14. CMeyer2001's Avatar
    I would like the Central region because I live in the central US, but I would use it to at least start a trip out west to Magellan GPS headquarters. This is so I could tell Magellan how slow their iPhone app development team is for still not having an iOS4 update, and therefor I had to beg to get a free Navigon GPS app because they can at least stay up with current technology!!
    08-17-2010 08:23 PM
  15. Bialosky's Avatar
    I would love, love, LOVE the US Central app. Just this week I had to relocate to Missouri due to job difficulties and soon, hopefully, will need to drive around the region to interviews. *fingers crossed*
    08-17-2010 08:28 PM
  16. Jemrada's Avatar
    I would like a Central Region App. I am a American Sign Language translator. I provide a free service to the deaf that helps them in there everyday life. I get addresses sometimes from people that knows where a deaf person lives. I could use this app to take me right to there door. This would save me allot of time when I go to areas I am not familar with.
    08-17-2010 08:28 PM
  17. osensnolf's Avatar

    I would like MyRegion East for my wife's iPhone. When I am not with her, I am concerned that she will get lost and get into a panic and be involved in an accident.

    Using the app, I would like to travel though the beautiful country of Tennessee and North Carolina. Fall is around the corner and there is no better place to be to watch the leaves change colors.

    Thanks in advance!
    08-17-2010 08:32 PM
  18. iNitvizn's Avatar
    To celebrate NAVIGON's one year App Store anniversary they're giving away 9 promo codes for NAVIGON MyRegion to TiPb readers, 3 each for East, Central, and West US.

    Want one? Just leave a reply below telling us which MyRegion app you want, and where you'd like to use it to go. (Make it good!)

    Note: Promo codes require a US App Store account. Apple's rule, not ours!

    Good luck!
    I'd love the East region. I'm planning 2 trips (from VA) and my 2006 Magellan GPS just doesn't cut it anymore. Trip 1 to NY to visit my sister-in-law so my wife can meet her new nephew and her sister can meet her new niece...my 1 year old baby girl. Trip 2 to St. Augustine to play golf with my Dad who recently moved down there.

    I also travel the entire state for work and would literally use it on an almost daily basis! Thanks!
    08-17-2010 08:37 PM
  19. Icory's Avatar
    We're taking a road trip from Vancouver to Tijuana this fall. This app would totally help us get there without too many Uturns! Thanks TiPB!

    08-17-2010 08:38 PM
  20. ChrisxJacobsen's Avatar
    To celebrate NAVIGON's one year App Store anniversary they're giving away 9 promo codes for NAVIGON MyRegion to TiPb readers, 3 each for East, Central, and West US.

    Want one? Just leave a reply below telling us which MyRegion app you want, and where you'd like to use it to go. (Make it good!)

    Note: Promo codes require a US App Store account. Apple's rule, not ours!

    Good luck!

    I would love to have the west coast one for work (roofing, I'm at a different job site every time I work and it's unsafe to use google maps while having my phone on my lap). And to use it to navigate my way to new mountains to go snowboarding this winter.

    Also, my wife is always getting turned around in our own city and gets lost weekly. It would help keep her from calling me when she is lost if I put it on her phone.

    Hope I gave enough reasons that sounded compelling enough.
    08-17-2010 08:39 PM
  21. Broker#IM's Avatar
    I would like the Central Region....I'm taking a trip from Oklahoma City, to Dallas, TX and I'd like to be able to navigate myself around.... Also I'm a Real Estate Broker and I'm always out viewing houses, I'd love to have the app to help me around.
    08-17-2010 08:41 PM
  22. stteve's Avatar
    I'm in Chicago and I need NAVIGON just to navigate around the busy city -- though I know most of my routes, I'm especially interested in the real-time traffic information as Chicago's traffic is unpredictable at best. That's not to mention that Chicago's morning rush hour is really hours, from 6-10 -- and the commute home from 3-7pm.

    Road construction is a way of life, with long delays expected.

    But the absolute worst thing about driving in Chicago is that at some point you will get to your destination and will have to park your car -- at $30 bucks a day!

    After spending so much on parking, I can't afford NAVIGON. Cut me a break and pick me.
    08-17-2010 08:46 PM
  23. djayme7's Avatar
    id go for the north america edition, and use it for my trip to the keys in december!
    08-17-2010 08:52 PM
  24. dmstrom's Avatar
    The Central Region is where it's at! People on the East and West coast have subways, the Bart system, good weather and bike paths. Here in Minneapolis, we have foul weather, poor public transit, blizzards, and tornados to escape. We need excellent navigation systems to help us escape these dangers and frustrations, and only Navigon can help.

    For that matter, maybe I will use the navigation software to take me to a more congenial climate, like Duluth?

    08-17-2010 08:53 PM
  25. Kevyerin's Avatar
    my family travel alot and i would like the opportunity to get a central region promo code if possible
    08-17-2010 09:01 PM
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