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    VoicePlex is a new VoIP service provider.

    I am pleased to announce the release of our new Traveler(TM) VoIP service. Traveler(TM) is designed as a short term (1 month - 1 year) VoIP service, especially for people doing international travel. It is designed for WiFi, but it also works over 3G (carrier service quality varies and when traveling internationally data roaming charges do apply, so use the WiFi).

    We have an app for the iPhone, iTouch (2nd gen), and iPad devices. Just go to the app store and search for "VoicePlex". Of course it works with Nokia smart phones, the Xlite softphone on your PC/MAC and other SIP2.0 devices too.

    Our rates are incredibly low, include support, and configuration is simple.

    You can learn more about our short term phone service for International Travelers here. It's also great when you are where cellular coverage is poor or you are using a WiFi only device, like the iPad or iTouch.

    You can watch our first video about using Traveler(TM) at

    We invite you to buy a one month plan and try it for yourself. We think you will like the excellent voice quality and ease of use. We also ask you to share your experience with us at sales@voiceplex.net.

    BTW ... please help us get the word out about VoicePlex and Traveler(TM) by telling everyone you know about us.

    Best Regards to you,

    Dan and the VoicePlex team ...
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