1. chadman's Avatar
    I am always looking for a good task app. Currently my fav is OmniFocus.
    08-09-2010 06:47 PM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    BugMeNot - thanks Alli =)

    and NotifyMe2
    08-09-2010 06:51 PM
  3. jamill130's Avatar
    I have used 2Do for a long time and love it! The editable folder tabs make it very easy to use and update from semester to semester as my courses change. Also it syncs with my iCal very nicely.
    08-09-2010 07:13 PM
  4. MooPenguin32's Avatar
    SeizeTheDay. It's free and has push notifications for reminders.
    08-09-2010 08:13 PM
  5. tut00's Avatar
    I use the tasks inside pocket informant. Syncs with Toodledo.
    08-10-2010 07:50 AM
  6. Mriley1058's Avatar
    I've been using ToDo on the iPad and iPhone. I've had some issues with them syncing tasks but other than that it's great.
    08-10-2010 09:31 AM
  7. Synoptic's Avatar
    I love ToDo
    08-13-2010 03:41 AM
  8. ctt1wbw's Avatar
    Currently my favorite two are StickyDoo and Pocket Informant. The new release today of PI for the iPhone allows syncing with Google Tasks or ToodleDo.
    11-03-2011 11:08 PM