1. marvi0's Avatar
    Ok I know opera mini is in a class of it's own, but for me safari, is better when reading my 1000plus google reader feeds. So what is the fastest browser you would recommend whether in cydia or AppStore. Am mostly after speed, as I have used a few alternative browsers but I always come back to safari. So your opinions please.
    08-08-2010 01:03 PM
  2. aweber's Avatar
    If your concern is primarily about reading your Google Reader feeds try MobileRSS, it synchronizes with G-Reader and is an incredibly fast and intuitive way to navigate and manage your feeds, way better than G-Readers native and laggy Web-UI. It's got its own browser integrated (suppose it uses the Safari engine "though") so no constant switching between reader and browser for reading your news. Free version is ad-supported, the pro version goes for around 2.99$, it's worth every cent: PTTH://itunes.apple.com/us/app/mobilerss-pro-google-rss-news/id325594202?mt=8 (sorry, I can't post links yet so just replace the obvious spelling mistake and you're there)

    Been using it since jb for 4.0 came out, so far it only crashed once (in about 50 times) but that was probably because I was multitasking and installing some app I can't even remember that needed to restart the baseband on my 3GS. When I switched back to MobileRSS afterwards it immediately faded away and after restarting it I've had several dozens of already read items marked as unread again, but like I said, that was probably my own fault, running apps + baseband restart = bad idea
    08-08-2010 05:48 PM
  3. marvi0's Avatar
    Thank you very much will hav a look.
    08-08-2010 06:03 PM