1. onekay's Avatar

    OK,it's time to use your imaginations, will these fantasy image let you feel like Impressionism? put these fragment in your brain and fit them together to a full puzzle is really a high level of mental involvement.

    Let MONSTER AGE take you through time tunnel, come in devil age! here maybe you will bump into a crazy monkey, or a puppet lion, Japanese monster in hearsay,a native Africa in the ancient times, and the wild animals in the times of great antiquity...and so on, these unusual image is challenging your brains and imaginations!

    These puzzle has a revolutionary significance, it means that you do not need to buy any other theme puzzle everywhere, because there are many different styles in MONSTER AGE. and ....we are keep them up to date! want more good experience, follow us all the times!

    search”doodle monster age“ in Your app store,you will get more fun!
    08-07-2010 07:07 AM