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    DIRECT LINK: itms://itunes.apple.com/app/dropquoteshd/id365679553


    WEBSITE: dropquoteshd.com

    GREAT REVIEW HERE: DropQuote HD Will Test Your Mind :: App Advice

    The addictive word puzzle game finally comes to the iPad for FREE! Unscramble the letters one column at a time, dropping them down into place to form one of hundred of famous quotes by wise minds such as Mark Twain, Aesop, Benjamin Franklin, Voltaire & more. Score is based on time elapsed, qoute length and average word length. Play your favorite word puzzle game is now ready to play ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!
    * Easy to use interface (drop letters on to empty spaces, move them back up to clear a space, or drop on a current letter to swap!
    * Fun music & sounds! Different sounds play on new game and reset game.
    * Real-Time games -- game auto-detects the moment you've dropped the last letter into place!
    * Quote too tough but you're curious about the result? Hit the "Give up and solve it for me option" button and DropQuotes will show you the quote and who said it! Great for learning!
    * Adaptive scoring system: score is based on time taken to solve quote, length of quote and average word length!
    * Comes with hundred of quotes!
    * Recommended for fans of word puzzles, crytograms, crossword puzzles and of course, famous quotes!
    Made by Jeff Wolverton, working feature film visual effects artist!
    08-06-2010 04:05 PM

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