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    Saviano tells Mozzarella:
    ... The primacy of a territory had more good mozzarella was impossible to tell. The flavors were so different, that's sweet and light mozzarella Battipaglia, the salty and dense Aversa of mozzarella and then the pure mozzarella Mondragone. But a test of the goodness of the mozzarella cheese we had the master. The mozzarella should be good to leave an aftertaste in your mouth, what the peasants call "'or ated' and bbufala" or "buffalo breath." If after you threw down the bite is not that taste in my mouth buffalo mozzarella is not so good.

    Eating the cheese is not just food, and enjoy a piece of history, is to taste the tradition. A gluttony but a venial sin, a sin in which we indulge, but we forgive the first bite.

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    Bon appetit!
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    Seen huge success we decided to lower the price for the entire summer up to 30.09.2010 at 0.79 cents euro

    08-11-2010 07:06 PM

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