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    What is the major focus of 2010 FIFA World Cup? Not the football stars, not the crazy football fans, but octopus Paul (Polvo Paul).
    Want to know how to cook Octopus Paul?
    Look no further, this app for you!
    Cooking Paul offers 80 Octopus recipes which are categorized in 4 continents of the world, such as:
    Asia: Chinese, Philippines, Japanese and Korean Style
    Europe: English, French, Geek, German, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese and Spanish Style
    North America: American Style
    South America: Brazilian and Mexican Style

    What`s more!
    xClipper, bring your own! Personalize to your liking!
    Read something from friends on Facebook? Done some personal research?
    Just use the free download xClipper PC browser tool to "Clip" your research and sync to Your iPhone!

    We welcome your feedback & suggestions and try to incorporate more octopus and features based on what you would like to see in this app.

    Cooking Paul is created by the award winning Xtown Mobile Team.
    08-05-2010 03:25 AM