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    This is some shameless advertising, but what the heck!

    App Layout Released 1.0
    Actually it was released yesterday, my website was hammered all day and the app skyrocked in the charts.

    iMockup is $9.99
    App Designer is $9.99
    App Layout is $2.99

    TUAW.com is previewing it tomorrow. TUAW also previewed it last week on there weekly video show. Padgadget.com is writing a review now on it.
    TCGeeks displayed it as the app of the day
    iPadLot displayed it as app of the day

    I am unable to post links or images due to a restriction on 10 posts are greater.

    If you ever wanted to create an iPhone app or iPad app then App Layout is for you. I looked at the other apps out there App Designer and App Designer HD and honestly they are crap. iMockup is good - But what they lack is the ability to mockup iPad apps - App Layout has those features. Plus its not wireframe like iMockup. I use all the standard controls in an iPad or iPhone. Full Color images. (really wish I could show you a screen shot - darn restrictions!)

    for more information, Videos and Screenshots head over to MacSpots.com

    08-04-2010 09:46 PM