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    my new app has been just released. It's a SOS app + handy flashlight feature (iPhone 4 only).

    I usually don't create apps if there are already a lot of them that does the same thing (in fact I'm proud a few of my apps was the first of its kind like Shopping List and ABContacts).

    But this app has something unique: it combines SOS light and SOS sound with fast call and email with gps location and more importantly it has a battery monitor feature that tries to adjust the SOS signals to the residual battery life, to ensure that, when needed, you have at least a few hours of operation (starting with a full charge).

    Any comment is appreciated.

    iTunes Link: SOS LED

    App Description :

    SOS LED is much more than a handy flashlight: it's a useful app to help you deal with many everyday inconveniences or nuisances. SOS LED can emit SOS pulses of either light, sound or both. Discretely sends an email to designated recipients containing a pre-defined text and subject; optionally with your current GPS location and link to Google Maps. Calls a pre-defined phone number.
    You can choose between three types of SOS pulses (slow, medium and fast) and three modes of operation: maximize the number of pulses, maximize the battery life or an adaptive mode that monitors the battery level and adjusts pulses to the residual battery life.

    08-04-2010 07:15 PM