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    Enchanted Forest for the iPad is out:
    Enchanted Forest for iPad on the iTunes App Store
    and check the Lite version also:

    Enchanted Forest Lite for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Delve into a world of magic and fantasy where you will be up against fearsome challenges while enjoying the hottest HD graphics youve ever seen in a breakout game!

    Mind blowing iPad Features:
    • Dual pad control
    • Stunning HD graphics
    • Ultra responsive controls
    • Ability to control the ball with special tokens
    • OpenFeint enabled

    An adventurers quest
    The iPad version will introduce you to 100 levels of pure adrenaline and high doses of fun! Regardless of your age, there are difficulty levels matching with everyones skill!

    Test your might!
    If you think you are too good for the medium difficulty, then lets see you try on the hard one! With a smaller pad, a smaller ball and fewer chances for bonuses, do you think you have what it takes to complete Enchanted Forest? Magical fairies and epic dragons will aid you in your quest to saving the captured princess and return her to her palace.
    Innovative Control
    With the dual control mode, you will take control over the pad using either the tilt mode or the touch mode. Using the tilt you will be able use the iPads accelerometer to control the pad while choosing the touch mode the control will be shifted to the tip of your fingers.

    Your way or the highway!
    Collecting the in game gold coins will yield you the possibility of spending them on magical potions which you will buy from the Magic Shop. You will gain different bonuses and double the deadly dose of fun! Some bonuses will shift the control to the ball too, providing you a new perspective to playing the game!

    OpenFeint enabled!
    Enchanted Forest is OpenFeint enabled which will allow you to chat with millions of other players and compete for OpenFeint points by engaging in different challenges to set out whos the coolest on the block!

    A new experience
    Enchanted Forest was released aiming to refresh the genre with gameplay innovations and HD graphics that arent just alluring, but rather well implemented and intelligently integrated for a classic breakout experience of the new millennium! Being OpenFeint enabled will connect you with millions of other users for a maximized gaming experience!
    08-04-2010 05:47 PM
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    Got any screenshots?
    09-04-2010 07:18 AM
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    Got any screenshots?
    Hi there misoba, just go to the iTunes link and check the screenshots there! Alsow, do check the lite version, too!
    09-04-2010 12:36 PM
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    Only this weekend: BIG PRICE DROP for our iPad game: Enchanted Forest. Get it now for only $1.99! Enjoy the game and spread the word!
    09-04-2010 12:37 PM