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    I am a SQL Server DBA for a large medical corporation that has many hospitals. We have over 300 seperate production sql server systems with thousands of databases and thousands of users.

    Recently, we went through a security audit, and were required to have a different secure password for the user 'sa' on every single production sql server. Also, every login that wasn't windows authenticated required a new secure password using symbols, numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters. The entire process had to be redone every 6 months since this was the frequency that passwords were required to be changed to meet the audit requirements. This was a monumental task to achieve and maintain.

    I wrote a c# application that would generate REPEATABLE secure passwords that met the security audit requirements. The security came from the password being generated from 4 key words, two of the key words were kept secret. Also, we could select what character sets to be used in the generated password. The application would generate the exact same password if all 4 key words were the same, so it was REPEATABLE. In 6 months when new passwords were required just use different key words. The old key words were saved by date and could be recalled if needing to get to an old password. It was simple to use and maintain. The system worked and met our security audit requirements.

    Other members of the team suggested i market this app to others that might be able to use and benefit from the application. So, I did. I have created the Apple App Store app called pwdGen. It is only $0.99 and is available now. It works on both the iPhone and iPad. I am currently working on an Android version and hope to have it completed soon.
    08-03-2010 09:52 AM

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