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    Trackdance is a fun music app that allows your iPhone/iPod screen to display spectacular digital light shows to the beat of your music. By connecting others' devices on your network, you can share the stunning effects across as many phones as you like to create a spectacular trackdance. Become a light DJ that controls the effects on all the devices in your network or be a groupie and hook your iPhone or iPod up to another light dj. Whether you are in a club, house party or chilling with friends, trackdance will bring your fun to a different level with a mesmerizing mesh of music and lights.

    Included in the app is:
    Ability to use music that is both from you iPod or an external nearby source.
    Go solo or hook up with multiple devices to make a spectacular show of lights and colour.
    Five different light effects to choose from

    - Exploding Particles
    - Strobe Effect
    - Wave Effect
    - Text Effect
    - Spotlight Effect

    The ability to change the density and movement of the lights. Push on to different screens. Join the movement - Let's Trackdance!

    Here some promo codes for you (FCFS ) - Remember to rate Trackdance on iTunes




    Download Trackdance now (only $0.99)

    If you have any feedback, feel free to shoot an email to my address:
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