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    Hello all,

    As a fan of personal growth, I have been seeking ways to improve my life, my productivity in my everyday routine. I am the kind of person who would ask myself, what is the purpose of all these tasks that I am doing. Am I on track with my goal? How can I do it better?

    I end up coming up with a thought, that is, I should know how I spent my time. In this way, I will know if I am putting my effort in things that I care the most. After all, knowing how you spent your time and prioritize your tasks is the very first step of time management.

    Therefore, I developed an iPhone app named More than Time Log. It is a robust time log that tracks your use of time and your daily energy level fluctuation. Why also track the energy level? It is because I always asked myself "what next?" after logging my use of time for a while using other time log apps. The apps I was using offered no suggestion as to how I can improve the way I use my time. After years I start to find that our productivity is actually highly related to our energy level. If we can choose to do the right task when we have the right energy level, our productivity can be doubled, or even more.

    Utilizing the analysis from my app to re-evaluate how we plan the day and to use our energy more wisely. I believe we will find no more dragging ourselves through activities when barely have the energy to complete them; or wasting our "high energy" on trivial activities.

    You can find it at the website : Conscious Analytics: making productivity apps for iPhone and iPod touch Conscious Analytics
    There is a quick tour video.

    You can go get promo-code at here: "More than" Time Log - easy time tracking for everyone - get a promo code here, download it for free from iTunes!
    07-26-2010 09:40 AM