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  1. Mobisurfer33's Avatar

    Come and discover this application which combines culture and tourism. You can take a virtual tour of the city of Bordeaux. You can also take a look around inside restaurants, hotels, bars and cafés of the city thanks to the 360° panoramas.

    You can find out all you need to know before and during your trip!
    It’s a free Download application so it’s worth a look. Very useful to prepare some weekends in Bordeaux!

    To download it whatch here:"
    07-26-2010 09:23 AM
  2. alfred_1986's Avatar
    Wow. I would really be happy to have this app. Though this app is free, It has got some good features. Travellers would love to have this app to get away from chaos while travellling and visiting new places. Thanks for sharing...
    08-04-2010 12:45 AM