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    Genre: Action puzzle game

    Extremely easy to navigate, nonstop action, challenging missions.


    While John and Jenny were playing together, they accidently fell into a large cave. Now they must break their way through many boulders and to get back home.

    Game Play

    Move John or Jenny vertically while trying to break the multi-colored boulders to move on to the next mission. Line-up three of the same colored boulders to break them up completely. Break as many boulders as quickly as possible before the cave fills up and you are stuck in the cave forever. Break up the specially marked boulders to help you in your quest to escape from the cave and go home. Good luck!


    John (Male)

    16yr old
    6’1 200lbs
    Physically strong, Never gives up…Always fighting
    Specialty: Breaking Rocks

    Jenny (Female)

    15yr old
    5’5 115lbs
    Physically weak, follows John with unwavering loyalty
    Specialty: Assisting John anyway she can
    07-25-2010 10:20 PM