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    Genre: Puzzle Action Game

    Game Scenario

    Stack’em and Roll’em is an exciting game that combines the uncertainty of a dice roll with a fast action strategy game. As the dice rolls down the screen faster and faster, anticipation grows as you look for the correct match and take a chance with the roll of the dice. Watch out for obstacles and match up as many dice as you can, but be aware, the game of dice is always uncertain. Test your skills. Do you have what it a takes to be beat the dice?

    Game Features

    The dice roll is realistic, with the ability to change the outcome with just a flick. The controls are extremely simple and easy with many special power-up items to make the game more fun and exciting.

    Game Overview

    Like regular dice, the cubed dice are numbered one to six. The object of the game is to rotate, roll, flick, and line-up three dice so that the number on the face of the die will match-up and explode. During game play, multi-colored dice will start to fall. You must match the color and the number on the die to blow up the dice. Once the multi-colored dice explode, they will destroy other dice near them and also give extra bonus points. The more multi-colored dice you destroy, the more points you achieve, helping you complete the level faster. There is a special die that you must flick up in order to increase the time available for game play. In addition, there is a power bar on the screen, that once full, will allow you to use special items to help avoid obstacles.

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