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    I was thinking about getting 1password but it doesn't seem to be working from what I have read in the agile forums. The windows desktop client does not seem to have anyway to sync with either dropbox or the iPhone over wifi. Is this true? Does anyone use 1password with windows 7? What is the experience like would you recommend it? Also I use chrome for my browser. I haven't been able to get the chrome extension to sync with the 1password desktop client. It seems like there are too many holes in using my setup in order to get 1passwprd working. Does anyone know of any work arounds I could use. Like could I import stuff from chrome into firefox and then sync to the 1password client. Does the 1password client sync to dropbox yet and I am just missing it?

    Thnx ahead of time for your advice and assistance.

    07-25-2010 11:38 AM