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    Hello all -

    If you use your iPhone to make conference calls then you understand the frustration when it's time to dial into the conference.

    Most of the time you can't select the phone number from the Calendar invite. And, for those time that you can you'll still need the conference code.

    If you're like me, you either try to memorize it or just write it down on paper. We have a $200+ phone and still need pen and paper to dial into conference calls!!!

    I created Join The Call to solve this need. I also developed a way to FINALLY use the pound # and star * characters inside your conference codes.

    I created a video for the app that describes why Join The Call was created. You can see it at: ShoeboxApps.com

    GREAT REVIEW from AppShouter

    There are many more features. For a full description and screen shots visit our home page above or check out the app on the iTunes App store: Get it on iTunes

    Here are three Promo Codes - first come - first served!

    If you like the app, please support it by writing a review in the iTunes apps store.
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