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    Direct Download from App Store: Halp! The Advice Generator for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store

    Sinecure Industries has just released v1.2 of their popular app Halp! The Advice Generator and there have been some major changes in this release. There is a new, larger font, a refresh button, crisper graphics and even more bad advice! Even better, its still free!

    As a company, Sinecure Industries has learned several valuable lessons from the release of Halp! The Advice Generator and the subsequent reaction:

    Problem #1: People no longer learn/know how to read cursive.

    We have received hundreds of complaints from people telling us that Halp! was in another language. A few told us they wanted a refund on their free app. Needless to say, we happily obliged.

    Solution #1: Halp! The Advice Generator now has a crisp, clean font. The font is also larger as a few people said the text was both illegible and too small.

    Problem #2: People are too weak to shake their phone to refresh.

    This complaint went hand in hand with the font problem. I can relate to this problem, with so many pieces of bad advice, going through them all can become tiring. Then again, the iPhone weighs a whole pound and if you are tired shaking it, well, you have bigger problems.

    Solution #2: Halp! The Advice Generator now has a refresh button location in the upper right portion of the app interface. No more embarrassing arm fat jiggling! No more heart palpitations from an iPhone app! Sinecure Industries understands what it is to be lazy and were here to help. Or Halp!

    Problem #3: My family is dead, I hope youre happy review on the App Store.

    Solution #3: Were very happy that youre finding new ways to live your life from Halp! The Advice Generator and are pleased you found a piece of advice that really spoke to you. Were also very happy we have modified terms and conditions that completely absolve us from any liability in this matter!

    Problem #4: All of your advice is bad support e-mail.

    Solution #4: Shut up!

    We here at Sinecure Industries listen to our customers, and we want you to know that we have your best interests in mind. Every single piece of advice in Halp! The Advice Generator was meticulously crafted, edited, re-crafted, put in a blender and spit out for your express enjoyment and us. We want you to live a better life however you see fit.

    If you havent yet, get your FREE copy of Halp! The Advice Generator from the App Store today!

    07-22-2010 08:20 AM