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    iTunes Link: Cool (õ_ó) Japanese Text Emoticons- text smileys and emoticons for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store


    Japanese Text Emoticons (Also known as Vertical Emoticons,Emoji, Kaomoji or Japanese Smileys) are somewhat different than their western brothers and sisters.They should be read normally, vertically.

    Unlike regular smileys which you read from left to right (or right to left), these combinations of ASCII characters are meant to be understood in a glance. Just take a peak at the examples below and youll understand.

    (♥_♥) - In Love!
    (9_9) - Didn't sleep
    (!__!) - Sad
    (*O*) - Incredible
    (^o^) - Happy Camper
    (_") - Pissed Off, Annoyed

    How to use these Japanese Text emoticons?

    Very easy just scan through all pages in this app, find the ones you like. select it, they will be previewed on the top of
    the screen!

    Then paste anywhere online or offline.Such as
    MMS, Text Message, Email, FaceBook, Twitter, MSN, ChatRoom, Forum, etc!!

    Using Japanese Text Emoticons is fun because not a lot of people use them, they are surprising yet they are pretty much self explanatory.
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