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    Sinecure Industries has released an update to their popular iPhone app How Am I Feeling? bringing it to v1.2 and lowered the price from $.99 to Free! Featuring improved results, a reanalyze button, crisper graphics and iOs4 support, How Am I Feeling? is better than ever.

    Everyone is a liar. Not in the sense that we lie to everyone we know, its far worse: we lie to ourselves. How often have you felt conflicting emotions? How long do you put on a false front before it consumes you? What emotions are hiding deep inside, striving to get out, to have you see how you really are?

    How Am I Feeling? is the answer and solution to all of these questions. It is a means to and end, that end being the happiness of living life how you truly are. Using a patent pending algorithmic technology, How Am I Feeling? analyzes the user from a simple touch, with accuracy based on proximity to the face. Thousands of calculations a performed in seconds, and your true emotional state is revealed.

    While the result may be initially confusing, it is important to understand the states of being within the subconscious. If you have seen the film Inception this concept will be much clearer to you. Each analysis is a little different, a little more accurate as this iPhone app peels away the layers of your subconscious, revealing what you are really feeling. Our outward actions are to an extent dictated by our subconscious, our most buried feelings that only reveal themselves in dreams.

    Are you really happy? You might be. Then again, the happiness you think you have may be forced, and your subconscious is experiencing such turmoil that you may have an eventual outburst. Is it better to know? Absolutely.

    Sinecure Industries has developed this technology and has continued to support it with this latest release. In an effort to support the emotional wellbeing of everyone, How Am I Feeling? is now freely available on the app store. Download a copy for free, and experience what it means to really live.

    07-21-2010 08:18 AM