1. jasonrn2000's Avatar
    Looking for some help from Navigon users, as Navigon does not have a manual for the iPhone version. That I can find anyway.

    I just recently purchased the East version. I think I have figured most of it out by using it. But had a couple of questions, hoping someone else has figured out.

    1. Is there a detour option??

    My fathers stand alone GPS (Garmin) has a detour function. If you find yourself in traffic, you can tell it to detour you xx number of miles.

    2. How does the real-time traffic feature work? Does this solve my first question?

    3. Is there a quick way to see your next couple steps? I push the icon showing your next step, and it just speaks. Only way I know is to delve into the options, then look at the list - which doesn't seem to give exit numbers.

    Thanks in advance.

    07-21-2010 08:24 AM