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    I wish to share with you this new app, available on AppStore.

    Business Calls is a new application designed for people who need to make calls or send SMS from a SIM/Contract with differential charging.

    Until now the only way to make calls or send SMS from your iPhone with differential charging was to save a double phone number on your address book with the operator's business prefix.

    With Business Calls, you can easily configure the prefix of your operator to make business calls at once!

    You can simply leave in the background (IOS 4.0) Business Calls, or add it to the navigation bar. Make all the business calls you want and send your SMS quickly and easily!

    The application automatically will call or open the SMS application with the chosen number and the code calls for business.

    No more difficult and awkward additions to the book!

    The following profiles are supported natively:

    - Vodafone Code 9
    - TIM Xtension Plus (41 *)
    - TIM Xtension Pro (455)
    - Dual H3G Business

    You can also choose your OWN custom profile, to avoid disruptions when the operator changes the code or the one chosen by your service provider is not among those pre-configured.

    Change way of doing business calls! Download now Business Calls!

    Thanks a lot for your attention!
    07-18-2010 04:58 AM

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