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    Today my GF and I went to see the new movie Despicable Me. I am always excited to see a good movie but this time I was also excited to try a new app that we both got last week called Best Buy Movie Mode.

    The basic way that this app functions is that it open it when you go into the movie, note that your ringer has to be on silent for the app to work. Now I am not sure exactly how the app knows that you are in the movie but it seems to as when I tried to launch the app at home nothing happened but when I launched the app at the show it said that it was "good to go" Another thing to note here is that this app requires muti-tasking so if you have a 3G or 2G you will not be able to use it. The app buzzed me at the end of the movie and began to do it's thing, which in this case was to translate what the "minons" were saying during the ending credits. Again I am not sure exactly how it works but it sure does work, it translated what they were saying as they were saying it on screen. The one major downside to this app is that it really kills the battery, I went in with about 70% and came out with 28%. My overall thoughts are that this is a very neat idea that I would love to see put to use in other upcoming movies.

    Pros:Works as advertised
    Gives a little extra content to the movie

    Cons:3GS and i4 only
    Major drain on battery life.
    07-18-2010 02:21 AM